December 31, 2019 in

Prevent a Car Accident on New Year’s Eve

The holidays are not the best time to be on the road in Arizona. Busy traffic, drunk drivers and dangerous roadway conditions make for significant accident risks on major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. For example, New Year’s Eve 2017 to New Year’s Day 2018 in Arizona saw 10 fatal car...
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December 30, 2019 in

Arizona Sinkholes

A sinkhole is a dangerous natural disaster in which the surface land suddenly collapses from the dissolution of underlying rocks and subsurface. Sinkholes often appear without warning, opening a hole in the ground that may have been forming for months or years. A sinkhole can swallow up homes and vehicles, as well as cause...
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December 28, 2019 in

Home Fire Safety

Home fires cause thousands of serious injuries and preventable deaths each year. Home fires account for only 27% of all fires, yet they cause 79% of fire-related deaths and 73% of reported injuries. Home fires are extremely dangerous and could prove fatal if your family does not know how to properly respond to the...
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Car Fire Safety

Car fires can arise due to defective car parts, poor vehicle maintenance and car accidents. If your vehicle catches on fire, you and your passengers are at great risk of suffering burn and explosion injuries. You may not always be able to prevent a car fire, but you can learn how to properly respond...
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December 23, 2019 in

Christmas Fire Prevention

Fire safety might be far from your mind this holiday season, but many people’s favorite Christmas traditions pose serious fire threats. From decking the halls to trimming the tree, Christmastime comes with many activities that increase the risk of house fires, injuries and deaths. From 2013 to 2017, an average of 160 house fires...
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December 21, 2019 in

Work Fire Safety

Workplace accidents cause thousands of employee injuries and numerous deaths each year. Common causes of these injuries are fires and explosions. Electrical mishaps, poorly trained workers, lack of safety gear, dangerous premises and hazardous work conditions all contribute to fires and burn injuries in the workplace. Whether you are an employer or employee, the...
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December 19, 2019 in

November Product Recalls 2019

A recalled product can wreak havoc for consumers. A recalled product may contain defects that make it highly dangerous for use, such as electrical malfunctions or a child strangulation hazard. Every year, product defects of all kinds cause thousands of consumer injuries and deaths. Keeping up with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s new monthly...
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November 29, 2019 in

What Is Breach of the Duty of Care?

If you bring a personal injury accident in Arizona, you will likely hear the phrase ‘breach of duty of care’. This is the basis for most personal injury accident claims. Even before you bring an injury claim, understanding breach of the duty of care could help you determine whether you have grounds for a...
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November 26, 2019 in

Thanksgiving Fire Safety

This Thanksgiving, celebrate the holiday in safety with your friends and family. Although Thanksgiving is a popular holiday for personal injuries and a busy one for hospitals, you can significantly reduce your risk of an accident with a few general safety tips. Recognizing the most common causes of injuries and how to prevent them...
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November 21, 2019 in

October Product Recalls 2019

It is an unfortunate reality that many product manufacturers look out for their bottom lines more than consumer safety. Product manufacturers may allow defective, dangerous or low-quality products to slip through the cracks and make it into the hands and homes of consumers. Defective and dangerous products cause thousands of consumer injuries and deaths...
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