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Answering Questions and Compiling Medical Bills

When we accept a client’s case, we are there with our client for the long-term. We know that in most injury cases, the person injured, or the family who has lost a loved one, will not have gone through the personal injury litigation process before, and will likely have many questions.

Our personal injury lawyers in Phoenix will take the time to answer your questions. We believe that all clients need to be fully informed about every aspect of their case, so that they know what to expect as their case proceeds.

We Understand that Injuries Affect the Entire Family

While our client may have been the one physically injured, their entire family will usually be impacted. With severe injuries, family members often must make significant sacrifices to help their loved one. This can mean physically helping the person get around, taking care of the person by buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, picking up medication, taking the injured person to doctor’s visits, and many other activities. When round-the-clock care is needed, family members may reduce work schedules or take time off of work to help.

We know that those injured will have important questions, such as –

We will be there to answer these and all other questions that you or family members may have. We will take the time to explain these and other matters to you in plain English.

Compiling Medical Bills

In serious injuries, medical and related bills can quickly become overwhelming. We assist clients in compiling medical bills and sometimes working with healthcare providers and insurance companies to coordinate payment matters where existing insurance is in effect, and to request postponement when needed due to the pendency of our litigation to recover medical and other costs. To learn more about how we can help your injury case, contact us today for a free consultation in Phoenix, Arizona.