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Helping You Receive the Immediate Benefits to Which You May Be Entitled

If you’ve been injured, prior to receiving a settlement or jury award you may be entitled to compensation from uninsured, underinsured, or disability benefits policies.

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage

Uninsured motor vehicle coverage is designed to protect drivers and their passengers if they are injured by an uninsured driver. In Arizona, if you have obtained uninsured motor vehicle coverage, you are entitled to benefits including:

Underinsured Motor Vehicle Coverage

Underinsured motor vehicle coverage is designed to protect drivers and their passengers in cases where the driver causing injury does not have sufficient liability insurance to pay for all damages caused.  In Arizona, drivers are only required to have the following coverage:

In accidents involving serious injury or wrongful death, coverage in these amounts is far too little to provide full compensation for the damages caused. Additionally, when serious damages or death results, many people have little or no assets from which to collect (and thus such people may be considered “judgment proof”).

Uninsured and underinsured motor vehicle coverage is intended to step in these circumstances and provide the injured with compensation for damages between the amount collected from the responsible driver’s policy and the full damages suffered, up to the uninsured or underinsured policy limits.

What Happens if my Insurance Company Won’t Pay Me What They Owe?

As Phoenix insurance lawyers, if your insurance company fails to pay you what they owe under these or any other policies, we will bring a claim against them for full compensation owed under your policies. Additionally, if your insurance company acted wrongly and egregiously by failing to pay you what they owe, you may also be entitled to bring an action against the insurance company for bad faith, which is an additional claim based upon punishing insurance companies for deliberately wrongful conduct.

Disability Coverage

Disability coverage is designed to replace part of lost wages that arise if a person becomes unable to work due to injury or a medical condition.

In all of the above cases, the total benefits payable are subject to the terms of the policy limits, and other important terms and conditions may apply.

Insurance Required by Commercial Truck Drivers

Federal regulations require interstate commercial truck drivers subject to the federal regulations to maintain comprehensive general liability in an amount equal to $750,000 for bodily injury.

We Help Injured Clients and Their Families Obtain All Compensation to Which They Are Entitled

If you’ve been seriously injured, we know you will have many questions about the immediate benefits to which you may be entitled. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers in Phoenix will carefully explain the sources of these benefits that may be applicable, and can help you seek these benefits.