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August 24, 2020 in

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

If someone else’s negligence gave you a serious personal injury, it is natural to wonder what your lawsuit against the at-fault party could be worth. The value of your claim can help you plan your future. The worth of a personal injury claim in Arizona can depend on many factors, including a jury’s interpretation...
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August 20, 2020 in

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If an accident in Phoenix injures you or someone you love, recovering can feel like an uphill battle. Hospitals and bill collectors may pester you for payments while insurance companies try to avoid releasing benefits. Meanwhile, you are dealing with painful personal injuries and related lost wages. One of the best ways to handle...
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August 14, 2020 in

How Do Liability Waivers Affect Your Case?

Every personal injury case involves a few complicated factors. Yours could be a catastrophic personal injury, a liability dispute or comparative negligence. It could also be the existence of a liability waiver. A liability waiver is a legally enforceable document that may protect someone from liability for your injuries in Arizona. The validity of...
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August 12, 2020 in

What Is the Difference Between Personal Injury and Bodily Injury?

During a civil claim in Arizona, such as a car accident claim, you may hear the terms personal injury and bodily injury. While people often use them interchangeably, these phrases have different connotations from an insurance perspective. It is important to understand how they compare and contrast when dealing with an insurance company. Otherwise,...
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August 10, 2020 in

July Product Recalls

Product recalls are announcements regarding certain items that may contain dangerous defects, such as manufacturing errors or design flaws, that make them unsafe for consumer use. The Consumer Product Safety Commission maintains a national product recall list to warn consumers about known defects. If you have a recalled product from the month of July...
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August 10, 2020 in

What Is the Average Settlement Payout for Whiplash Injury?

Of the many injuries an auto accident can cause, whiplash is one of the most common. It is a widely misunderstood injury. While it is true that whiplash can be minor, it can also cause severe damage to the ligaments and tendons of the neck that impact a victim for months or more. A...
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July 24, 2020 in

Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident Changing Lanes?

Every year in Arizona, hundreds of vehicle collisions occur when drivers try to change lanes. Lane changes are dangerous and a common complaint in car accident claims. Lane-change accidents can be catastrophic if they occur at high speeds on freeways in Arizona or if they involve large vehicles such as big rigs. If you...
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July 22, 2020 in

What Are the Different Types of Negligence in Arizona?

Negligence is the legal basis for most personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Negligence refers to the failure to meet the accepted standards of care, often resulting in accidents and injuries. Understanding negligence is often necessary to bring a damage claim in Arizona. Your case may involve general negligence, comparative negligence, medical malpractice or...
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July 20, 2020 in

Who Pays in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

A car accident in Arizona can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills, vehicle repairs and lost wages from missed time at work. As the victim of a serious car accident, you may not have to pay for these expenses if you did not cause the wreck. Arizona is a fault-based car accident state,...
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July 16, 2020 in

Right-of-Way Laws in Arizona

The right-of-way is something one road user yields, or gives, to another in certain situations. It refers to the right to use the road. When a driver yields the right-of-way to a pedestrian, for example, the driver will stop and wait while the pedestrian crosses the street. All roadway users need to know and...
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