Insurance Company Tactics Used Against the Injured

If you’ve been in a car accident, even a minor one, chances are that you’ll be receiving a call from an insurance adjuster for the other driver as soon as they are able to figure out your phone number.  These adjusters are not calling to see about your well-being, they are hoping to trick you into admitting liability or making other statements that are damaging to your case.

In almost all cases, they will record the call. They are trained to say the right things and ask the right questions in seeking to get people to admit liability.

You do not have to answer their questions. If our Phoenix personal injury lawyers are representing you, you should tell them so, and instruct them to call our office. If you are not yet represented by legal counsel (which is typically the situation, particularly when they call within a couple of hours of the accident), you can take the person’s number and decline any more conversation.

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