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Client Reviews

Ms. Chaivra: Thank you very much for all of your help in getting me through the difficult situation. Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes work and patience in answering all my questions. I am forever grateful. E.R.
My grandmother and I thank you and your staff sincerely for your work on our case. These are difficult times for our family during which your caring nature and professionalism have not gone unnoticed. Once again, you have gone above and beyond the practice of law. A. & B.P.
Just letting you know that I appreciate the hard, good, and great job you have done. It’s a pleasure getting to know you and your staff. I appreciate every effort you’ve made to settle this matter. I’ve very glad it’s done with. Once again, thank you and appreciation to you. V.M.
I would like to express my gratitude for the manner in which you and your firm serve its American Indian clients such as O.C. Residents of Indian reservations are socialized in unique environments and therefore need kind, sensitive professionals to advocate on their behalves when tragic events affect their lives. Begam & Marks demonstrates the caring and sensitivity I believe serves the interests of such people. Without hesitation, I will continue to recommend your firm. R.J.P.
It has been almost ten months since my father, H.S., was in a fatal auto accident less than one mile from his home in Mesa. He went to a luncheon and never made it home. One day, I found a BAM card in his wallet and decided to call to get some answers. That call led me to you, Mr. Marks. You patiently gave me straight answers, even those I didn’t want to hear. You always took my calls, each time telling me how to proceed. You spent the extra time reviewing the police report and insurance policy, never asking for a dime along the way. Your invaluable information led us to a possible settlement that we could not have obtained otherwise. Then, when it looked like the insurance settlement would be lost, you spoke directly to the Insurance Company’s Attorney. You even provided case law so the settlement could move forward. All this out of the kindness of your heart! You, Mr. Marks, are truly one of the “Good Guys.” You have been the only shining light in an otherwise dark process. The rest of my family may never understand the depth of gratitude they owe you and I cannot adequately express my appreciation for all of your time and efforts. I know that we will never have all the answers to the justice we seek, but through your example of kindness, I hope to one day find forgiveness and peace. C.G.
Stanley Marks did a superior work representing me in a personal injury claim. I'd never been involved in anything like this before, but Stan was great about honestly presenting my options, guiding me thru what to expect with the claim and who had to be addressed with it. I told him what my goal was and he worked hard to exceed it. His staff is as unparalleled as he is. I would not hesitate to refer him, confident he will treat every client in the same above-board manner. His office makes great coffee, too! Susan
Stan: I wanted to write you a note to express my sincere thanks and appreciation. My mom was a client of yours and you helped her after she was hit in a car accident. I am an officer stationed overseas with the U.S. military. It was tough for me to see her struggle after the accident, your kindness and advocacy made all the difference. Thank you! J.Y.
Coleen – You worked very hard for us and we really appreciate it. J. & C. O.
Richard and Steve: You two were great to work with, and I would recommend anyone to your firm. I’m very pleased with the way everything was handled and I’m grateful for all your hard work. I wish you both all the best. B.B.
Just wanted to let you know I do appreciate all your work. I think you did a great job. I am more than pleased. But I hope I don’t need you again! D.H.
I wanted to write and congratulate both of you for the tremendous job you did for my Iowa clients. It is quite unusual to look back and reflect on the legal work on a long complex cast to realize that every move was made perfectly to produce and maximize the result accomplished. Obviously, when lawyers that are unfamiliar with each other and geographically divided associate with one another, there can be significant challenges for both parties. I want you to know that both of you did everything to make the comfortable, efficient and productive. The communication was always immediate and the professionalism which both of you attached to your efforts was outstanding. As the case progressed, my admiration and appreciation for your legal skills and total commitment to the client only increased. R.A.M.
Just wanted to wish Mr. Marks, his staff, and family a very happy New Year. The R/J family has always used Mr. Marks’ services in our past legal needs, and he has always been successful with our different cases. Just wanted to let him know we still consider him family and he is still at the top of our Rolodex. Thank you Mr. Marks! W.R.
Mr. Marks was recommended to me by a lawyer through my travel insurance. When I contacted him, he was very caring and assured me he was willing to take my case. He did an awesome job representing me in my Personal Injury Claim. I had no idea where to begin. He was very good in explaining what to expect and what had to be done. Both Mr. Marks and Coleen, his Paralegal, addressed my concerns and kept me up to date on progress. I appreciate the hard work and dedication to settling my claim. I was very pleased with everything they did and I would most certainly recommend Mr. Marks. Linda
Even after 3 years of my insurance company denying my claim, Stan & Richard @ Begam, Marks & Traulsen continued to fight for me & got me a SIZEABLE settlement. AWESOME FIRM!!! Jeff
I was visiting from out of state and was involved in a motorcycle accident. With all the headaches of dealing with auto and medical insurance, I decided to get a lawyer to help me. My problem was I needed an Arizona lawyer to represent me. I was referred to Stan Marks. I never had to go out of state to get this handled, everything was by phone or email. Stan, Coleen and Cookie were great to work with and far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him and his team. Darrell
Stan Marks and all of the staff at Begam Marks and Traulsen were professional, efficient and so very caring during a very difficult time. They worked hard on my case and achieved an outcome that surpassed any expectations. Amber
First class from the opening greeting. Stan Marks and his paralegal Coleen Chavira are nothing short of everything you want and need in an attorney. Professional, thorough, communicative, easy to contact, and straight to the point - they don't waste your time or theirs. My sister was in a horrific car accident that took her husband of over 15 yrs away from her - the only man she ever dated. Her life changed instantly because a tourist couldn't wait to see the Grand Canyon. I hired them on a blind referral (a friend of a friend of a relative), and never looked back. While the family was working on my sisters physical well being, Stan was dealing with auto insurance, medical insurance, legal 'stuff' and all manner of outside 'noise', and did so with my sisters interest first. He doggedly tracked down monies and resources other attorneys would not even had looked for. Could not have been more pleased with how things were handled and the end result. The only pleasant part of an otherwise horrific experience. Lynn
After what I considered to be be a somewhat minor auto accident I wasn't even sure if I needed an attorney, or if I should deal with it on my own. However, after over a year of off and on back pain I'm so glad I decided to hire Mr. Traulsen. Both Richard and Monica were always pleasant to work with as well as prompt and thorough in replying to any of my inquiries. It was such a relief to pass my situation off for them to manage all the paperwork from doctors, health insurance, auto insurance, and more. I had full trust that they had my best interest in mind, and I was 100% pleased with the final outcome of the case. I would recommend Mr. Traulsen to anyone looking for an attorney. Kristy
My experience is with attorney Richard Traulsen. He is outstanding. He is professional and kind. The attention he gave my case was as if I were his only client. He kept me informed of the progress of my case. He included me in the decision-making process. He takes and returns phone calls. Paralegal Monica Rushton was exceptional. She treated me with respect and compassion. If you need a personal injury attorney, I highly recommend Richard Traulsen and the firm of Begam, Marks and Traulsen. Maureen